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Impact Data

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Transforming Profitability through Data Intelligence

How Do You Identify Your Most Profitable Customer?

graph1You can stick with what you know: credit bureaus, non-traditional scoring methods and internal scoring models. Do that, and, at best, your company stays the same. Or you can gain a competitive advantage with Impact Data’s proven segmentation model and see how profitable your business can become. Impact Data delivers the truth with your data.

Knowledge is power. Impact Data puts strategic power behind your data, directing you to your most profitable customer, consumers with the highest propensity to perform and yielding a positive impact on your P&L. All of this is done without consumer identifiable information, eliminating any privacy concerns.

Impact Data’s methods were derived from years of experience in multiple areas of finance, credit, debt and marketing. The Impact Data segmentation model, established in 1999, is unique in its creation, yet yields a powerful and personalized solution no matter the industry. It offers a measurable, quantifiable result, one which leads to incremental revenue generation. Impact Data will return results within hours, allowing for a speed of execution and an ease of implementation. This equals a positive impact to the bottom line instead of watching money walk out the door. Harness the knowledge to reach the consumers most likely to perform and transform profitability through data intelligence.

As more Americans fall deeper into debt, lenders, collections organizations, service providers and marketing experts need to cost-effectively reach consumers with defined strategies to recover more debt or identify the next customer. The Impact segmentation model will allow a client to optimize their resources to significantly improve consumer purchases and collections operations. Impact Data consistently delivers successful identification of consumers with the highest propensity to perform through innovative technologies and best practices to succeed in today’s volatile economy of rising delinquencies, lagging on-time payment rates and finding the next customer.

We seek to work with ambitious and successful companies that wish to transform profitability through data intelligence.

Impact Data will provide additional and significant separation against any bureau or internal scoring model that companies may already use.


How Has Impact Data Helped Others in My Industry?

Our segmentation model is more accurate, successful, and cost effective than any bureau based or internal score….We transform profitability through data intelligence.

The Impact Data segmentation model is based on geo-economic factors, NOT based on traditional credit data. We can show you case studies in different industry applications that utilize our model to maximize efficiency of personnel and resources while identifying customers with the highest propensity to perform. This allows our customers to quickly and significantly separate themselves from the competition.

How Does Impact Data Prove Itself?

One of the huge competitive advantages in the pre-sale process is that Impact Data can validate the model prior to engagement. After a sample file is obtained and processed, a 30-minute Webinar is scheduled to ensure maximization of every one’s time. In addition to providing the theory and background to the model, we will present the findings of the Impact Data segmentation model with YOUR data. We will summarize a sample file that you submit (between 5,000 and 50,000 records has proven a most effective sample size) of any age or type of business – all we require is that the file has at least 90 days performance history.

The Impact Data model is not only proven, it is safe. No consumer identifiable information is required.

All we require is the following:

A.  Unique Identifier (Account #)
B.  Current, Original or Placement Balance (Performance Indicator)
C.  Zip Code

D. (Optional)  Score (Example…Fico, Experian, Trans Union, Internal, etc… )

Once we receive this data we will run the Impact Data model and send back a either a high level 9-Segment Summary (or if the Optional Score is included, a 30 Segment Matrix). We then request the “cumulative” performance file of the same accounts be submitted within 24 hours:

All we need is:

A.  Unique Identifier (Account #)
E.  Key Performance Indicator (Cumulative # of Payments/Sales with minimum of 90 days of performance history)
F.  KPI Cumulative Dollar Amounts (reflecting the minimum of 90 days of performance history)

We will then present this information during the Webinar.

Bottom Line: The Impact Data’s segmentation model will provide clear insight and separation for your company utilizing data intelligence on a customer’s propensity to perform thus significantly increasing profitable revenue.

What are you waiting for? Submit a sample data file and start finding your most profitable customer.