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Impact Data

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Service Provider

solutions-serviceprovider Service providers are in the business of providing a service. No matter how well they perform that function, there’s probably one task at which they may not be an expert: collecting funds. When customers lag in payments, service providers often don’t have a solid method to determine which accounts have a high propensity to pay and which should be outsourced for collection.

Impact Data’s geo-economic segmentation model offers a simple strategy for making these important decisions, which generates incremental revenue and provides a competitive advantage. We can also help determine a method for improving collections and lowering the costs associated with collection. In addition, the segmentation can offer a plan for which customers are most likely to purchase services in the first place. And a service provider doesn’t have to become a collection expert; Impact Data will provide a clear model to follow, one that’s easy to implement and understand. Limited data is needed to make these assessments, eliminating privacy concerns.

Read a case study that details how Impact Data helped one residential service provider identify operational strategies to better collect from customers. Another case study looks at our work with a commercial service provider who needed to reduce Days Sales Outstanding across 51 markets.

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