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Impact Data

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solutions-nonprofit It may take money to make money, but for non-profits, it can take money to find donations. With rating agencies that frown on high marketing efforts, the savvy non-profit would benefit from putting its resources into soliciting potential donors who are most likely to respond.

Impact Data has helped businesses find customers with the highest propensity to perform; this same principle can help non-profits reach potential donors in the most cost-effective way, putting more money into the programs and people it serves. Our segmentation model requires limited data, eliminating privacy concerns.

What can Impact Data do for your nonprofit? We’ll prove our performance before we start with a sample of your data. Contact us to get started lessening your fund raising efforts and putting more money into the programs and people you serve. Or, register to receive our free eBook.

Submit a sample data file to learn more about the ways Impact Data can transform your organization through data intelligence