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Impact Data

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Direct Marketing

solutions-marketingThe mystery of marketing can be truly drilled down to a few simple sentences: Who wants what I have? Where do I find them? Who will perform? It’s the application of these principles that causes the challenges. But with Impact Data’s Zip code level geo-economic segmentation model, finding these consumers has never been easier.

Impact Data can offer strategic direction for marketing efforts, leading to consumers who have the highest propensity to perform. Impact’s methods go far deeper than the geographic-based models of days’ gone by, where consumers were lumped together based on magazines to which they subscribed. Our methods encompass numerous sources of information to provide the most accurate data available, leading marketing firms to make intelligent decisions to leverage market share. Read a case study about how one retailer used geo-economic segmentation to strengthen its marketing reach by honing its targets and reducing unnecessary expenses.

See what Impact Data can do for your marketing efforts by submitting a sample data file.