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Credit Grantor

solutions-creditgranter Credit worthiness is always a bit of a risk and credit grantors do their best to manage that risk by relying on data. Too often that data is a credit bureau score, yet studies show that as much as 41 percent of information is outdated or incorrect. In addition in 2013 CBS aired a 60 Minutes expose’ that definitively stated that 1 out of 5 U.S. consumers have significant errors that can directly influence whether a person can qualify for a loan or even become employed. As Steve Kroft stated during the broadcast “What industry can claim a 20% error rate as being acceptable”. Those inaccuracies certainly increase the amount of risk a credit grantor is being exposed to. Even if the information is correct, which it apparently is not, protecting it can bring challenges of its own.

Impact Data’s geo-economic segmentation model helps take the risk out of credit granting decisions by determining which customers have a higher propensity to perform. Our models do not use consumer identifiable information, making it among the most secure methods for determining risk versus reward. It provides a clear road map that’s easy to use, measurable and can be implemented quickly. Read a case study showing how one debt buyer used Impact Data’s geo-economic segmentation methods to maximize its collection efforts by better targeting consumers with a propensity to perform.

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