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Impact Data

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Impact Your Decision Analytics


Mention financial analytics and even those who work in the industry may have flashbacks to a challenging college statistics class. Impact Data’s geo-economic segmentation model is built on a complex formula based on years of experience in financial industries. Our segmentation model is built on numerous forms of data that determines clients with the highest propensity to perform.

Despite the complexity of how we arrive at determining these consumers, we deliver to our clients a simple-to-understand segmentation that provides clear direction.


Based on the principle that “birds of a feather flock together,” Impact Data’s model uses only a Zip code and a performance indicator. (We also request a unique identifier, which only allows clients to match up accounts when the data is returned.) Because there is no consumer-identifiable information used, Impact Data’s model is secure, eliminating privacy concerns.

These days, anyone who collects or stores personal information has a number of federally mandated challenges to keep that information as secure as possible. This is not a concern when you contract with Impact Data as the data we use to determine your most profitable client does not fall under these mandates since no consumer-identifiable information is required, no matter what industry you work in.


Credit bureaus and internal scoring methods simply do not offer the same level of accuracy as the Impact Data segmentation model. Stop putting the expense and effort into the failed strategies that comes from these methods.

Instead, maximize your efforts by directing resources strategically to your most profitable customer. Impact Data model has been proven countless times, but we continue to offer Proof of Performance.

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