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Impact Data

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Articles in 'Testimonials'

Vice President Operations – Catalog Marketer

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We have been using Impact Data for several years, they have been instrumental in providing my company with significant savings. They have provided tools that identify and segment our consumer base and have allowed us the ability to reduce our mailing expense, increase our internet sales, and still entice our customers to our brick and mortar […]

Chief Technology Officer – Skip Tracing Vendor

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We were somewhat skeptical of a product that uses no consumer identifiable information as a tool for our services. However after many months of testing we discovered that our clients were spending a significant amount of time and money attempting to find people that inherently were unable to pay once they were located. Impact Data allowed us to […]

Risk Manager – Top 5 Credit Card Issuer

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We use Impact Data primarily in two areas of the bank. The Impact Data model assists our analysts in reviewing our current cardholder base and allows for modification to our future solicitation models based on financial return. Our collection area uses the model as an overlay to our collection scoring model and it performs remarkably […]

Debt Buyer

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We have had great success in using the Impact Data performance model to identify potential portfolio purchases. By understanding our past purchase performance we have been able to improve our bidding strategy on new purchases using the Impact Data performance model in concert with our internal stratification tools. D.H. – Debt Buyer – Midwest, United […]

Chief Operating Officer – Offshore BPO

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We provide several services for our U.S. clients through our Philippine call center. Impact Data provides an outstanding product at an attractive unit cost that allows my company to target consumers based on performance outcomes we have captured from past solicitations using the Impact Data model. Since my clients have very diverse product offerings the Impact […]

Chief Executive Officer – ARM

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We have used vendors in the past that claimed they had a product that would enhance our operating margins by using their segmentation models without much success. Impact Data has proven that by profiling our past performance and applying that information into each of our 6 call centers we could focus on identifying the accounts […]

Director of Operations – Debt Purchaser

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We struggled with the process that would allow for the most efficient identification of high performance potential accounts within our inventory of portfolios. Impact Data provided an extremely cost effective product that streamlined our ability to create workflows and placement strategies. J.M. – Director of Operations – Debt Purchaser – Midwest, United States

Chief Technology Officer – ARM BPO

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Impact Data has assisted our company significantly for the last 5 years by providing their products in a timeframe that has not been reproduced by any of the credit bureaus or other scoring and segmentation vendors we have used previously. Their product has been without question the most accurate for identifying which accounts have the […]

Senior Vice President of Collection Operations

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“Impact Data provided a clear segmentation strategy that allowed us to focus our resources on accounts that were more likely to pay and quantified our results with data that allowed us to make decisions each month that continually enhanced our ability impress our client” —J.T.  Senior Vice President of Operations – Northeastern United States