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Impact Data

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Case Studies

Residential Service Provider

Our client serviced 20 million residential customers who often lagged behind in their payments. When combined with their commercial service, the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) was 43. Customers were billed monthly, with a centralized receivables management area triggering a past-due notice at 15 days. By day 30, 90 percent of ...

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Debt Buyer

Our client had purchased a 1.8 million account portfolio and segmented it with a fresh credit bureau recovery score. When the client contacted Impact Data, its method had been to work the accounts on a descending recovery score, with a manual or automatic contact strategy and no emphasis placed on balance. ...

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Commercial Service Provider

Our client, a Fortune 100 service provider, billed its commercial customers monthly and waited for the payments to come in. Their DSO (days sales outstanding) topped 43 and the company had a goal of dropping that to 39. Not a large goal in terms of days, but considering that the commercial ...

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Collection Agency

Our client was competing for market share of a high average balance credit card portfolio, using a strategy of intensive contact based on credit bureau scores. The results left it lagging behind the competition. The client’s statistics showed they were liquidating only 4.72 percent, while their five ...

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Direct Marketing

The latest fallout from the housing-market meltdown may be fewer catalogs in consumers' mailboxes. To cut costs and better target potential buyers, Williams-Sonoma Inc. is trimming its catalog mailings, cutting off unlikely customers partly on the basis of data collected about their Zip codes. The company, whose six catalogs include Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma ...

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