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Impact Data

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How Do You Identify Your Most Profitable Customer?

graph1You can stick with what you know: credit bureaus, non-traditional scoring methods and internal scoring models. Do that, and, at best, your company stays the same. Or you can gain a competitive advantage with Impact Data’s proven segmentation model and see how profitable your business can become. Impact Data delivers the truth with your data.

Knowledge is power. Impact Data puts strategic power behind your data, directing you to your most profitable customer, consumers with the highest propensity to perform and yielding a positive impact on your P&L. All of this is done without consumer identifiable information, eliminating any privacy concerns.

Impact Data’s methods were derived from years of experience in multiple areas of finance, credit, debt and marketing. Read More…

About Impact Data

worldImpact Data offers a unique segmentation model, created and honed by years of experience in various segments of the financial industries. Impact Data has brought this proprietary model to the market to assist clients in maximizing their potential and enhancing their performance. Read More…

Proof of Performance

Consumer behavior and advancement in the way data is measured is driving changes in all areas of financial analytics. Impact Data anticipated these shifts and, as a result, has developed a model that takes your data and delivers a clear insight to strategy development to reach customers with the highest propensity to perform.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Read our client testimonials. Better yet, provide us with a sample file (5,000-50,000 has been proven the most effective) that includes nothing but a Zip code, a unique identifier and some performance indicator, like a balance.

We’ll run those files through the Impact Data segmentation model and return a 9-segment summary. Once that data is in hand, we’ll then ask for a performance history and overlay the results on the existing summary data. During a 30-minute webinar, we’ll explain in more detail how Impact Data works and what it reveals about your specific sample files. Read More…